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ZEB Pilot House with Integrated Sustainable Solutions

Leve it to the Norwegians to do it: a modern home that combines not only the latest high-tech innovations for zero emissions buildings but also beautiful design and unique contemporary architecture.

This house is a product of active cooperation between the architects from Snøhetta and ZEB (The Research Center on Zero Emission Buildings). It’s designed as a single family home but also occasionally is used as a demonstration platform on building methodology for plus houses with integrated sustainable solutions – geothermal heating, solar and photovoltaic renewable energy sources, zero CO2 emissions, natural materials palette and so on – the whole 10 yards of environmentally conscious future.

The construct and design of the house entwines not only beautiful dynamic shapes that also have  a practical orientation but also a gorgeous material palate of natural elements: locally sourced stone meets intriguingly arranged bricks, wood logs and wooden cladding are eminent not only inside but also outside where practically arranged premises offer sheltered dining space, wooden deck that infuse into swimming pool, sauna and, of course, impeccable garden design. The characteristic tilt to the southeast of the house construct insures a design of sunny open premises to inhabit (along with the energy solutions of the project).

This naturally lit ambience provides a self-understanding comfort a welcoming emanation for the interior. The furnishing is minimalistic with hand-picked pieces that not only add to the modern and spacious arrangement but also bring charm and character to the interior design. Comfort and contemporary style supplemented by innovations and conscious approach, compose this contemporary home, offering an unforgettable experience to everyone who have come in touch with this Norwegian project.  Photographs: Bruce Damonte, Paal-André Schwital, EVE

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