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Unique and Trendy Guest House Pumphouse Point

The amazing location of this unusual guesthouse – the Pumphouse Point requires nothing less that amazing interior decor solutions. Nested inside the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, and originally constructed as part of Tasmania’s hydro-electric scheme but not used for over 20 years the place offered a great challenge for the architects from Cumulus Studio.

With its remote location and restricted budget the creation of this welcoming hotel from the two off-form concrete art deco buildings certainly was a creative task. This breathtaking wilderness retreat consist of two accommodating premises the Pumphouse located on the water body at the end of a 250m long concrete bridge, which is the house only connection to land, and the Shorehose located as it name indicates on shore. The two buildings host eighteen guest suites and the additional communal spaces.

The interior design emanates hospitable elegance and a clean, fresh environment with a hint of rural comfort. As a testament to the history of the buildings and the harsh environment in which they are located only minimal works and alterations have been done to the exterior. Juxtaposing the robust concrete structures to the warmth of the interior cladding the architects used locally sourced refine Tasmanian timber veneer. Simplicity and uncomplicated comfort is implicit through the usage of natural and neutral palette (bout in colors and materials) – white and gray are softened and framed by wood and veneer, the nave-blue and black are warmed up by red and yellow, the exposed bent copper plumbing adds unexpected character to the premises. As the stunning surrounding of this natural retreat combines water, mountain and forests, so its interior effortlessly combines charm, elegance and coziness.   Photographs: Stuart Gibson, Adam Gibson, Sharyn Cairns

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