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Giraldi Associati Architetti Design a Concrete House in Bologna

Studio Giraldi Associati Architetti design a modern house for a writer in Bologna, Italy. The residence is located in an area where the height of buildings should not exceed three floors, characterized by low-density housing and small buildings. Simple and pure forms of the house are described by the alternation of volumes, which are designed in different functional areas. The house has simple and clean shapes, the exposed concrete dominant – designers choose a glass, laminated wood and fabric to enhance overview.

The property is on two levels: on the ground floor is the living room that leads to the dining room and on the opposite side is a kitchen. The living room is divided into two areas by a stone wall and a fireplace. The simple decor of the living area is defined by the presence of large yellow sofa and library. The kitchen is simple and essential where the color of objects arising from the whiteness of the furniture. The staircase, which starts from the living room leads to the first floor that consists of a study and living room from which you access the outdoor terrace.  Photographs: Francesca Anichini

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