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Colorful and Trendy Parisian Hotel Decor

Parisian chic combined with infinite imagination and exuberance of unique textures and sensations. That is the new Hotel Chavanel in the trendy and historical heart of central Paris. Colorful palate, breathtaking contemporary sets, creative and stylish approach towards furnishing, lighting and textures, each and every small detail in this hotel is amazing, and altogether create unforgettable island of blissful serenity.

Let’s talk about textiles – luminous atmosphere created by inspired netted carpets, volumetric walls with enchanting motifs, pattern stamped wall upholstery, curtains made from wool cloth, shimmering velvet partitions and more and more. Wherever you look there is some creative, sensitive temptation to capture your imagination. All the textures in this hotel and its 25 rooms are a challenge of creative and artistic approach. That plunge the visitors in one enchanted fairy-tale like world –light illuminating the walls and furniture from inside, huge bird cages, willows and waterfalls inside the premises – what more a dreamer can wish for?

The contemporary furnishing with its unique forms and colors creates playful and at the same time cozy atmosphere throughout the hotel. Who needs sculptures and art pieces when there are this exclusive chairs, tables and sofas –  desks with saddle-leather tops, caramel-oak curved coffee tables for uncluttered elegance and of course the lamps! The lightning solutions provided by Lindstén Form Studio include so stunning and elegant lamps that won’t be exaggeration to say -they turn the space into an art gallery.

And then the final touch – the exquisite color selection. In the bedrooms a pearl gray palette creating a mellow and elegant atmosphere combined with unexpected and playful punches of turquoise, stunning yellow and Antigua, vital pink and strong headed cyclamen. Not a second of boredom, visit in this hotel will fully engage all your senses and imagination.

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